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With an outstanding background as a professional athlete, teacher, mentor and coach William is our master mind who continues to build his knowledge day and night! With over 35 years of experience, William brings both his  passion and his expertise to the court, helping you believe & achieve!

William has university majors in Physical Education from Universidad Pedagogica Nacional in Colombia and studies in planning, coaching & developing tennis players from Valencia University in Spain. He has various accreditations from the Tennis Australia, ITF, USPTA. He has level 2 International Coaches Institute in coaching tennis professionals and he is also a physical trainer for tennis players. Furthermore, he is currently studying biomechanics for tennis.

Through out the years coach William has also been privileged to attend conferences in Thailand, Colombia, USA and Australia, where he also got to go to prestigious tennis academies such as Nick Bolletieri Tennis Academy and Sanchez-Casal Tennis Academy.


He has previously coached at different clubs such as Melville, Brixton Street, The Vines and Higgins Park. William owns and operates ABC Tennis and Sports Services since its birth in Colombia. He is currently the director and senior coach at Higgins Park Tennis Club.



FAVORITE PLAYER: This was quite a hard task for coach William to pick as he truly can't just pick one, for him all the players that he coaches become his favorite player as he enjoys to see them grow both on and off the court

FAVORITE SHOT: as much as coach William values all shots, for his his favorite shot is actually the mental game that each player brings to the court

INTERESTING FACT: Coach William is one of seven siblings and he is actually the youngest! And.... he is a qualified CHEF!

COACHES QUOTE: "Be your best. From beginner to winner."

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