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William started assistant junior coaching with ABC tennis at the start of 2020. He has become one of our youngest players master coaches as he has been working with the smallest kids who are around 3-5 years old. With them he focus on teaching  important motor skills as well as hitting the balls off tees and volleying through fun games.

William started playing tennis in early 2017 when a friend invited him to join a school holiday program. He quickly enrolled in tennis coaching a couple of days a week. He has played in a number of tournaments, plays every Thursday in the Public School Association competition for Aquinas College and proudly represents Higgins Park in the weekly junior pennant team.


YEARS COACHING: 1 year 3 months

FAVORITE PLAYER:  Serena Williams


INTERESTING FACT: He is in a specialist choral program and has sung a solo in the Perth Concert Hall.

COACHES QUOTE: "Don’t quit, try your best to the end of the match."

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